Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SHOP: Random buys!

NEW Lipstick Haven, RM11 including postage
Purchase 2 or more, RM10 including postage each!

NEW [pre-order] Mac-awesome, RM20 - RM100
(prices including postage!)


NEW DollyMolly, RM25 | RM49

Daily Boutique, RM42 | RM49

NEW Gentlemen Closet, RM270 - RM300

Seventeen Origins, RM55 - RM66

SpreeFreaks, RM21 - RM60

Sweetie Pie, RM49 | RM59

A Model Studio, RM49 | RM49

Beautiful Disaster, RM59 - RM69

NEW [pre-order] Monkey Business Incorporated, RM65 - RM72
Purchase 2 pairs and get 10% OFF!

[pre-order] We Love You Shoes, RM75 - RM100

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