Monday, April 16, 2012

Looking for:

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I'm looking for jewelry supplies.
Mainly; jump rings, earring stud. bases, earring wires, and rings with base

i don't mind about the price .

Looking for button baseball shirt
Any design would be okay
Price below RM40 including postage, pre-loved is okay too.

Looking for oversize blazer.
Prefer black, khaki and green color.
Price below RM60 including postage, pre-loved is okay too.

Looking for stripe top or dress. Must black and white color only!
Budget RM30 and below. Dont mind pre-loved or brand new.

im looking for:
1. vintage/skinny jeans, Size: S / 26inch, Colour: Faded Blue
2. Bag with foxtail
3. Blazer, Size S

high waisted jeans/pants. any colour would do.
preloved is fine. less than RM 60

a pink or turquoise high waist skirt . stretchable or fits size M - L.

I'm looking for:
1. An asymmetrical skirt in green or wine red, RM60 or less

looking for grecian or look alikes (preferably long). not pre-order ones please.
dont mind any colour or the price. and size not uk6-8 slightly bigger.
also looking for the maxi dress, preferably black and long as well.

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