Sunday, April 8, 2012


Yet another newbie in town bringing in affordable accessories for us!
Charlotte's is having a wide selection of accessories ranging from
ear caps and rings to bracelets and iPhone casings,
priced within RM10 - RM30 only, definitely a student-friendly store here! ;)

So these are the accessories that I've got, sponsored by Charlotte's!
Images above are provided from their site itself.

And here's what I've received!
Nicely packed goodies with 2 ear caps, 1 ring & 1 necklace.
Pretty close to what I've seen via those images I gotta say!

1. Cellphone ear caps
One of the hot-selling accessory lately that protects your earphone plug hole
from dust and water which could be easily install and remove.
& These are my 2 favorite picks, 1 with crown and 1 with that cute little bird!
Love that you even personalize your phone to a next level,
priced at only RM12 for 1, RM19 for 2! Awesome eh?

2. Two-finger ring
Here's a confession, I do have a soft spot for rings,
especially for those brass accessories with an antique, rusty touch on it!
So here's one that's definitely my liking!
With a really pretty detailing of the wings, fits my finger well too!
Priced at a bargain price for only RM10 for 1 and RM16 for 2.

3. Short necklace
Big fan of triangle? Here's one that you could totally get!
Love the very simple design of it that you could put it on with any casual outfit!
Lands perfectly around chest area, and could even be shorter than that,
depending on the length where you hook it on.

Pretty accessories they've got, don't they?
Check out some other accessories available in store!
Currently accepting restock orders for lots of them until 15 April 2012,
and that's about a week from now!

Loving what you see?

Here's an extra factor on why you should shop with them!
10% discount for any purchases at all &
FREE SHIPPING for purchases of RM100 & above,
exclusively for you readers with the password of "I'm from Shopping Roll"

So, hop on over to Charlotte's for more today!

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