Monday, April 9, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: Customize by IWearSin

Heard about the latest buzz from IWearSin yet?

They've recently updated with an exclusive "Customize" section
where you could actually customize you own desired piece of clothing!

Now that's something different eh? ;)
Ain't that such a miracle for us shoppers to customize it online
with just a few mouse clicks and with the comfort at home,
and even having it delivered to you at your doorstep!

Here's some 3 simple steps on how it works!

1. Pick on a piece of clothing that you like.

2. Drag and drop the accessories as provided to jazz up your clothing,
you could actually rotate your clothing to have a 360' degree view of it
so that you could have it designed for every single part of your dress,
same goes to your accessories too!

Check out these lovely add-ons that are available!

(psst.. they've just updated with more in store!)

3. Finally, Name your design, Add to bag if you wanna have it in real life,
and Submit to community to get it featured.

By submitting your design, designs with most votes on their Love page
could stand a chance to win USD50 voucher,
which will be given to the best designer every week!

And of course, I wouldn't wanna miss out the fun! ;)
Check out my design here based on the "Sweet Demure Dress"
Front and Back part of it with some pastel florals and pearls,
and 4 adorable bows at the waistline that look extra girly!

Now, aren't you excited to see it for real?!
Awesome delivery speed and packaging as always from IWearSin.
Look at those pretty shades and detailing of the dress!
So really thrilled to be able to get in on hands as it look so damn gorgeous!
Superb quality dress with those lovely accessories that I've designed.
Need not to worry about them dropping off
as accessories are sewn solid, no joke!

One of the reason I chose this dress to work on
is because it works perfect as a 2-way dress! :D
This is actually the front part of it with a deep V-neck design
that you could even flaunt your cleavage if you want!

While here's the back part, worn in front!
Love the flares with those adorable ribbons attached on!
One that you could definitely flaunt your sexy back eh? ;)

Btw, it's actually a stretchable waistline, so it could hug every figure well!
Just perfect for me since I'm not quite a fan of smocked design like this.
Such fussy shopper I am. Haha!

Don't you love it as much as I do?!
Wear it with flats or loafers for casual girlfriends outing,
or wear it with pumps and heels for any formal events!
Pair it off with a pair of leggings just in case you're a tallie! :P

Now don't you wanna get one for yourself already?
Here's a good news for you girls! ;)

Shopping Roll will be sponsoring 1 lucky reader
to win your own designed piece on hands!

All you need to do is to Customize your own piece,
Share your design via Facebook or Twitter,
and Submit the link to me under the comment box of this post.
And I'll be selecting the best customized piece!
Deadline: 15 April 2012, 11.59pm

On top of that, if the designs are being showcase on their Love page
and get the most votes, you get to walk away with USD50 voucher,
even if it's not being selected by me!

May the best designer win! ;)

So, go have fun at IWearSin and get your own exclusive, personalized dress today!


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The Bloom of Romanticism

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Look! I designed my own dress at!

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Laramie =D

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This is my Spring Vintage! :)

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i love your design. You're really creative dear. :)

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To Anonymous:
Aww. That's so sweet of you! Thank you so much! :)

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Check out my design!! :D

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