Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Shirt and blouse collection (Series 2)


We have launched a new range of shirts and blouses that will
help our fans carry off that professional look perfectly.

They are easy to match, and can be dressed up by pairing with
a pencil skirt, pants or jacket as well as dressed down for the weekend
by pairing with a pair of shorts.

As we strongly believe in versatility and attention to detail, do check out
the different patterns/styles of our blouses. You can have it your way
by tying a ribbon or scrunching it to create a cute ruffled collar!

Carole Simple Blouse - available in 3 colors

Cordelia Elegant Blouse - available in 2 colors

Cerise Blouse with Ribbon - available in 3 colors

Cherry Sweet Blouse - available in 3 colors

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