Friday, April 20, 2012

SHOP: Quick updates!

A Fashion Story, RM10.50 - RM15.50
A go-to store for an array of seriously affordable accessories!

MAKE YOUR OWN BAG shop, price not available
Accepting customized orders for these casual canvas bags!

Style By Juliet, RM20 - RM65
Offering Forever21 goodies straight from the States!

JR La Bellee, RM38 - RM50
Offering lots of one-of-a-kind goodies in store!
NEW O'bambi, RM19 - RM4
Like them on Facebook and get 10% discount!

Candy Ƙιƨƨɛƨ, RM39 - RM58
Updated with more gorgeous dresses recently too!

6th Sense, RM32 - RM55
Must visit for more affordable, fashionable clothing!

NEW Pucinii, RM40 - RM58
And a whole lot more pretty dresses available in store! ;)

Dusky Wings, RM40 - RM60
Limited sizes available only!

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