Thursday, April 5, 2012

SHOP: Random picks!

NEW Pretty Chic, RM16 - RM28

NEW Day 24, RM10 | RM25

glossyaddiction, RM55 | RM66

[replica] Cheery, RM46 | RM48

EyeCandie, RM28 - RM58

Seventeen Origins, RM50 - RM70

NEW Closette Diary, RM45 - RM66

Spree Freaks, RM21 - RM60

Xisters, RM45 - RM48

NEW thebuttermilk, RM35 | RM44

Saris Couture, RM52 - RM69

6th Sense, RM59 - RM69

Deicy Doll, RM57 - RM89
2nd pair of any shoes in store, 50% OFF for Poslaju (WM)
with the password: DeicyDoll♥Shoppingroll

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