Thursday, April 12, 2012

WOOT: +1!

Yet another new store with a newly revamped website
after spending months of handwork for it! ;)
Just newly updated with their new arrivals in store that you could check out!

And here's a treat for you girls!
10% OFF your total purchase with the code as mentioned above!
Not forgetting about the FREE SHIPPING for Malaysian buyers too! ;)
Valid until 18 April 2012, until next Wednesday to be exact!

that you could definitely try your luck in winning it!
No purchases required at all by the way! :D


janine said...

Sorry, where's the code? (:

Kiss and Tell ♥ said...

Dear Janine,

It's "shoppingroll" Just enter it upon check out, under voucher to be entitled to 10% off. There's a tab on our page that says "Purchasing Guidelines", you will be able to see where you are supposed to enter your voucher. :) Alternatively, read more about it here :

Kiss & Tell

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