Monday, May 14, 2012

NEW Sales & Frills, RM54 - RM150
Here's a good news for you H&M lovers out there!
They're currently accepting orders for them,
and you could even enjoy FREE POSTAGE for purchases over RM150!
TOMORROW IS THE LAST DAY for the deadline,
full payment is required, and items will be posted out on 28 May itself!
Better hurry! ;)

More pretty updates around the online blogosphere! ;)

Zikkos, RM20 - RM29

, RM28 - RM58

LaLalA, RM19.90 - RM30

NEW Autumn Ripple, RM15 - RM42

, RM38 | RM40

, RM49 - RM59

Seventeen Origins
, RM45 - RM62

, RM53 - RM79

, RM42 - RM109

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