Saturday, May 26, 2012

by Kawaii Store

Promotion at Kawaii Store !!!

FUJIFILM Instax Mini Instant Film
Selling price : RM240 for 10 packs

LOMO AQUA PIX Waterproof Camera
Selling price : RM45

When you are on your vacation or sightseeing, you will always wish to have an advance Digital Camera, a DSLR, etc… But try to think about it, have you miss out the fun of the vacation? Are you still remember the original intention of snapping a photo? Squeeze everything in, just for a record; but to let a photo to “speak with emotions”, we have to talk about it. The original “LOMO” means a kind or camera which is available 20 century the fifties, it is keen to Red, Blue and Yellow colour. Nowadays, “LOMO” means a kind or attitude when you take a picture, just click and snap. Don't think about the aperture, shutter and don't even mind the angle or the composition of a picture. Although the picture that you take is over exposure or blur, if it can attract your eyeball, it’s mean a successful picture. LOMO AQUA PIX Waterproof Camera a diving camera that can "dive" in to 3 meters!!!!!
Just for RM45 per unit ONLY!!!!!!

1. It's reusable for your entire lifetime!!
2. It works with normal films that you can
easily get it from any photography shops!!!
3. It does not need batteries!!

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