Wednesday, May 30, 2012


CassaFashion - Malaysia Largest Online Fashion Supplier that
provides fashion wholesales especially for those who are interested in venturing
into creating an online business yourself, or for those who wants
to go for a shopping spree or even with your girlfriends!

Only a minimum order quantity of 8 items per transaction
that you could mix with all other clothing available in store
in any designs, any colors that you like to have!

Massively updated with an array of fashion pieces
with all kinds of casual clothing and beautiful dresses!
Bet you'll surely overwhelmed with the amount of choices in store!
Priced as low as RM15/item, that's really affordable I must say!

Not to forget these gorgeous collection of dresses
they've got in store too! From those simple pattern print dress
to some dressy maxi dresses with an edge!

So feel free to visit their physical shop at Bandar Baru Klang.
to have a look at the quality or sizes!
and remember to stay tuned for more in Cassa Fashion! ;)

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