Thursday, May 31, 2012


MUSE + MAZE is an online boutique by Fast Fashion Retailing,
offering a wide selection of handpicked high-street inspired
fashion goodies ranging from accessories to clothing!

Presenting their Spring/Summer 2012 collection,
with truckload of extra gorgeous pieces that you'll definitely love to have!
Fyi, products featured in the post are in the range of RM18 - RM89! ;)

Quite a beautiful, complete set of accessories they've brought in!
With items like tassel ear hooks, gold cuff bangle, lovely looking headbands,
scarves with whimsical print, belts and even having some quality bags too!

Don't you adore all these stuff already? :D
Personally love all the bubbly tones that are nicely scattered around!
Outfits for the casual days, dressy weekend or even for formal events,
they've got it all covered for you girls!

While here's a good news you'll be thrilled to know!

Be the first 50 Likes + Post a comment "I ♥ MUSE + MAZE"
on their Facebook page, and you'll get an exclusive one time half-price deal
on all of their merchandise on Muse + Maze!

Now, how's that for a pre-weekend shopping! ;)

Visit MUSE + MAZE today for more!

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