Friday, May 18, 2012


O'bambi, a fairly new online store that was established about a month ago,
offering a variety of fashion clothing in all kinds of style,
something different than the usual goodies that we've normally seen! ;)

Some unique accessories with earrings, hairbands
and those pretty looking collars that you could pair it off
with any basics or dresses to chic it up a little!
Ain't those gummy bear earrings look extra adorable! :D

Some casual and dressy items for any outing at all!
With graphic tees, printed tops, pretty blouses,
a couple of feminine looking skirts,
and one awesome array of dresses that you'll definitely adore!

For those who are an avid fan of these scallop items
and these unique hemlines goodies, here are some that you could check out!
Particularly loving the denim shorts they've got! :D

While here are some retro and vintage inspired clothing and belts
that they're having! Loving the prints and those delicate detailing!
My favorite pick would be the one in Mint with bird prints!

As for you Shopping Roll's readers, here's an exclusive offer for you girls!
Like Obambi's Facebook page,
Email your order with the subject "I love Shopping Roll"
and you'll receive FREE MYSTERY GIFT for any purchases at all!
Rest assured, no dodgy gifts! ;)
*while stocks lasts

So, go on over to O'bambi and check them out for more!

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