Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Looking for:

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Looking for this item in any colour possible.
Brand new/Prelove/Pre-order
Below RM50.
Email: nfdj96@hotmail.com

Im looking for this in WHITE colour.
A brand new piece.
Under RM100 is fine.
Email: shereenazhar@hotmail.com

Looking for
1. Light blue, bootcut jeans. Size 29. RM 30 and below.
2. Galaxy print top (Oversized/cropped). RM 25 and below.
Preloved in good condition/Brand new
Email: azrinafiqah@yahoo.com

looking for H&M inspired flare faux leather skirt
or Alice+Olivia pleated leather skirt, size S
Email: deniseleomyx@gmail.com

Tribal print skirt like this, New/preloved are welcome
Email: haninabila@yahoo.com

Looking for this mermaid long skirt that fits XS or S.length about 98cm.
Email: bella291189@gmail.com

Looking for this particular dress in any colour.
Preloved is possible too!
Email: caryn_eternal@hotmail.com

looking for this jumpsuit (any colour)
brand new, below rm150
Email: pirate_quixotic@yahoo.com

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