Monday, June 18, 2012

Looking for:

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Looking for this particular top or any VELVET material top or dress.
Any colour. Brand new. Below RM40.

Looking for this top - preferably in white
Priced preferably below RM35 but just email me regardless
Doesn't matter if it's brand new, pre-owned or pre-loved
as long as it's in good condition

Im looking for this type of top in WHITE. Chiffon material.
A brand new one. Price range from RM70 to RM100 should be ok.

I'm looking for this exact same design in BEIGE/NUDE

1. Looking for green maxi dress. exact color and design!
2. Looking for exact leopard blazer.
3. Looking for exact tribal sweater

I'm really looking for this dress..
If pre loved also can..
Preferably lookin for this colour, if anyone have different colour may do

Looking for this inspired celine bag in any colour possible.
New or Preloved is possible too!
Below RM50.

Currently looking for Naraya bag. Something like this.
Under RM40.

Hellraiser Loafer prefer it more in Mint. But White or Black are welcome.
Pre-order or pre-loved. Size 7. Price below RM100.

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