Monday, June 25, 2012

Looking for:

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looking for earrings/ear cuffs like these

Looking for an accessory box.
This is an example, but any other kind is possible.
preferably in red or purple, but will look at other colors too.

Looking for a moschino belt in black.
OR if theres any belt that looks like this,but with different lettering.
(meaning it doesnt necessarily spell out 'Moschino') =]

Tribal backpack like this. Any pattern will do! Below RM 50.
Preloved or brand new :-)

looking for this bag in any colour except pink
prefer rm50 and below

Looking for this dress in pastel green. Preferably brand new.

Looking for this symmetrical skirt in striking color.
Priced below RM40

Basic Suede Pumps
preferably nude, other colors are welcomed, size 35/36
new, preloved, preorder are fine

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