Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Looking for:

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looking for this bracelet, preferably gold/rose gold.

1. a small or medium size in CREAM OR LIGHT PINK ONLY.
2. exactly as the picture.

Size: 40-50cm long
Colour: Pink and Yellow
Price: less than RM50
Condition: New

Looking for a Boyfriend Blazer something like this.
Preferable in black/light pink. Around RM30-40
Size: Uk 6-8

Looking for this dress exactly in white colour!
Fits XS or S. Price as low as possible.

Looking for this kind of dress in mint or any pastel colour!
Fits XS or S.


Looking for the skinny, exact colour. more prefer in pink size M. brand new.
and the tote bag, same as the photo.
and the aztec top, same as photo. all brand new .

Hi, been looking for these loafers, Cheap too! :)
They're like the Tod's loafers :)
Does anyone know the blogshop that has these? :)

Looking for a pair of creepers.
Any kind / design will do, suede or PU doesn't matter.
Preloved or new is fine with me.
Preferably below RM100

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