Tuesday, July 3, 2012


"We know you love accessories and so do we!"
Seir-o-sseca is actually accessories spelled backwards,
sharing the same mission as almost all of the female population
- to not spend so much yet still look great!

They endeavor to provide the most affordable accessories in town,
offering a collection of necklaces, rings and bracelets available for sale,
and with almost everything priced below RM15!

Rings and earrings below RM6,

Necklaces and bracelets below RM12,

Really affordable goodies aren't they?
Lovely accessories that could simply chic up our outfits in seconds!
Perfect for us girls to be able to do shop for some pretty items
without having to burn a hole in your pocket
despite the massive mid-year sale going out out there! :D

They thrive to ensure that costs are kept to the minimum,
so that you girls are able to enjoy the goodies at rock-bottom prices!

Visit Sier-o-ssecca today for more affordable accessories,
Email them at seirossecca@yahoo.com if you have any enquiries!

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