Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Survival Store is having a special Ramadhan promotion that you could enjoy!
Instant rebate even for a single item purchase,
and save up to RM10 for 4-items purchases! ;)

Valid only until 14 August 2012, and that's about 2 weeks from now,
so better be fast to get your desired items when they're still on promo! ;)

Freshly updated with a wide array of graphic tees and tanks tops
that are generally perfect with absolutely anything at all!
Be it for classes or lazy days, with shorts or skirts! ;)
Priced at an affordable rate of RM29 per piece!

Not forgetting their usual updates with a whole new collection of bags too!
Having them in all lovely shades and designs
that you could pick and choose from for your liking! ;)
Bet there's something for everyone!

Besides, Survival Store will also be at Bijou Bazaar at Publika
on this coming Saturday, 4 August 2012! ;)
So feel free to drop by and check out their stuff!

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