Monday, August 6, 2012

Looking for:

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These earrings. In gold. I need only one side of them.
I don't mind if it comes as an anime merchandise, as long as it's gold,
exactly like this and wearable.

I'm looking for; eyeball accessories, button badges,
landscape skirts (not including galaxies),
Beavis and Butthead T-shirts or whoever that
provides T-shirt printing services will do (:

I'm looking for; clear handbags as shown above,
Casio vintage mix color watch, fabric dye
and clear lens round sunglasses.

looking exact pieces of these item, similiar are acceptable.
pre-orders and ready are acceptable.
looking for long maxi from korea as well.

Looking for; black pleated skater skirts, plain beanies of any color,
studs for crafts, and fashionable pottus/bindis.

I'm looking for a studded bralet, size UK6/UK8 (bust 32")

Looking for this similar galaxy sheer top.
Pre-loved is also acceptable. Size L or free size.
Below RM50. Less is better.

looking for a top with a design similar as this
or exactly like size/s/m, any other color is okay.
preferably a new one under RM50

Hi! I'm looking for:
1. Guns N Roses tee, small size (below RM40)
2. Denim hot pants, preferably maroon or green in colour, waist 25" (below RM50)
3. Aztec print tee (around RM30)
4. High-waisted jeans, waist 25"

Hi! I'm looking for:
Topshop/Topshop inspired medallion bodycon dres, (size UK 6, or XS - S)

Looking for similar dress inspired by asks.
Price range rm50-60. Brand new.

Hello, I am looking for:
1. Topshop scarf print dress or Topshop inspired, size UK 6 (XS/S)
2. Topshop high-waisted shorts, waist 25"/26", preloved is fine, RM60 below
3. Printed jeans, waist 25", less than RM80.

Looking for this item or something similar in any colour possible
SIZE L or 28 above
Below RM50 including postage

Cross leggings, under RM70

Looking for this shoe , with pink colour . women . size 7 vincci .
and envelope clutch in bright red :)

Looking for this kind of double sole creepers in size UK5 in black/studded.
Preferably RM100 below, preloved is fine.

I'm looking for; clear shoes, thick sole shoes/ creepers,
frilly socks and two line socks as shown above.
All below RM90 if possible (:

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