Monday, September 10, 2012

Looking for:

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I am looking for neon/striking watches like attached pictures.
Preferably the one from Daiso.
Any colour should be fine.
But preferably in neon pink, black or white.
Brand new or preloved is fine.

Looking for this particular bag in black!

Looking for similar item. Pre-loved or brand new its fine.

Looking for this top in the exact color,
price around RM40, preloved is acceptable.
Need it urgently for a party next Monday.

I'm looking for a skeleton cut out top like this.

size 25. below 60

Looking for:
1. Blue and Red High Waist Shorts, Size: UK8-10
2. White Top (Exactly or similar to the photos)
3. Light Blue Denim Shorts, Material: jeans, Size: UK8 - 10
**Anything exactly or similar to the photos

Looking for this particular pieces beige/black
A brand new piece preferred
I've been looking for these Topshop Sullivan Moccasin Platform Heels for ages!
Please let me know if you can help me find.

Looking for this studded (not too sharp) black loafers in US 6.5 size.
Preferably below RM100.

Looking for Dr Martens Inspired Boots in Cherry Red or Black.
Preferably in leather and not glossy type.
Pre order or ready stock are both okay.
Size fits 38 or 39.
Price below RM120 :)

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