Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Looking for:

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Looking for Mini Perler Beads.
Diameter at 2.5mm
Email: ccs06my@gmail.com

Looking for:
1. Pink Tribal Bagpack
2. Green Starlight Top, Size UK8-10
3. Snake Skin Animal Printed Cardi, Size UK8-10
4. Necklace
**Anything exactly or similar to the photos
Email: nayly.affendy@hotmail.com

Looking for a baseball jersey that has a number 21 on it.
The pattern of the jersey may differ from the picture,
because I just really hope I can find one with that number.
Many thanks if anyone selling this can contact me.
Preferably the price below RM50.
Email: claudia_2128@live.com

looking for this burgundy coloured sweater in size UK12,
doesn't matter if brand new or preloved,
am willling to pay rm50 for this. :)
other colours such as navy blue or black will do too.
Email: soosuenpeaches@hotmail.com

I'm looking for:
1. Studded collar white shirt, size XS-S (UK6-8), below RM50
2. Blue blazer, size XS-S (UK6-8), below RM60
3. Tweed blazer, size XS-S (UK6-8), below RM70
Email: emmashazleenali@gmail.com

I'm looking for:
1. Boy London tee
2. Topshop american flag shorts, size UK6 / waist 25"
Email: emmashazleenali@gmail.com

1. Red skater skirt. fit size m
2. same red blazer for Rm40 n below.
3. the same dress ( in any of the two color )
4. Bustier top or anything similiar to that top
2ndhand items are welcome. :)
Email: Messagefrompretty@yahoo.com

Free Size
Price= Below Rm70 if possible
Email: zhiling_kor@hotmail.my

I am looking for:
1. Cut out sides bodycon dress in wine red or black,
size UK6 (XS), price below RM50
2. Toga cut out bodycon dress, size UK6, price below RM50
Email: voguefordinner@gmail.com

I'm looking for this particular design of this dress. Any colour. Size S only.
A brand new is preferred otherwise pre-loved.
Email: michelle.ohsl@gmail.com

Looking for these items.
1. Platform sneakers (Converse look-alike) in black, size 5/EU38.
2. Black leather pant/legging in UK10.
Good quality leather, nothing too cheapy.
Both items possibly under RM100/each.
Email: azimah_liyana@yahoo.com

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