Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bonjour Boutique, price unavailable
Have you check out their latest update for their October Collection? ;)
Having quite a decent array of gorgeous clothing as seen above!
With both lovely and edgy pieces that you could get on hands!
Also having lots of floral print pants and galaxy print items too!

More recent updates elsewhere!

[pre-order] SomeWear Over The Rainbow, RM59 - RM80

NEW ToHeart FashionHouse, RM39 - RM45

In & Out Closet, RM32 | RM42

NEW Summer Lara, RM40 | RM60

[pre-order] La Quinnox, RM59

[pre-order] rock attitude, RM65 | RM90

Serphora, RM50 | RM55

Rockstar's Closet, RM59 | RM89 including postage

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