Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Guess it's quite a tough job hunting for some decent corporate clothing 
here online as most of the stores offering more on the casual side of stuff!
Now fret not as Belmode is here to offer you a helping hand! ;)

A store that specially focusing on corporate and formal wear,
bringing in good quality clothing at reasonable prices!
Pieces that will definitely make you look smart at work! ;)

Besides the usual blacks and whites, perhaps it might be a good reason
to spice up your wardrobe a little and be fashionable at work too!
Take your pick from all these lovely shades they're offering,
pastel yellows, pastel pink, mint green & more!

Belmode also also have their very own Customer Loyalty Program,
where the more you purchase, the more rewards you enjoy!

Enjoy RM5 shopping voucher for your cumulative purchases
and the best part of it all is that the vouchers have no expiry date! ;)
7th dress = RM5 shopping voucher
13th dress = RM5 shopping voucher
19th dress = RM5 shopping voucher
25th dress = RM5 shopping voucher

Btw, dresses featured in this post are in the price range of RM60 - RM70 only!
Visit Belmode today for more chic dresses!

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ropa corporativa said...

Hello guys! I'm a fan of corporate apparel merchandising and ... I liked your blog so much success I send from my country Chile ... They have very good products! Greetings! :)

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