Monday, October 1, 2012

Looking for:

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I'm looking for Skeleton hand (white) and Eyeball hairclip (red).
Price below RM25 for a pair for each.

In black, and at any price will do.very desperate and eager to have it!

Arm candies like those in the photo.
If can find one whole set, even better! Price range below rm30.

Looking for Samsung S3 covers.
1) Mint / aqua / turquoise TPU case - around RM10ish?
2) Caller ID flip leather case in pastel / mint / red - RM30ish?
3) Anything pretty you've got in your store (: - the cheaper, the better.
Definitely brand new wanted.
If you got exact ones, do let me know

Looking for a satchel like the ones in the picture above.
Any colour will do, but not too big. I want those short straps/handle.
I'd prefer to swap if that's possible
You can check out if wanna swap

Looking for this hem top in long sleeve and chiffon material.
Only white color is acceptable.

Looking for a nice varsity jacket in dark blue and maroon,
no particular design preferred, as long as it looks nice.

Size : S
Color : Black or White
Condition : New

I am looking for the exact same piece from SUPRE.
Price range from RM30-RM70.
Size S.
Color Black Gold.
New piece is preferable.

Any color except Black.

I am looking for this exact same dress.

i've been looking for this for a very long time,
i want this in RED, S size!

these flats, I saw them in a blogshop for rm99, but I lost the link,
and I really, really hope to find these again, no matter preloved or brand new,
 preferably below rm100, in size 39, please help!

I am looking for similar shoes.
Studded heels or wedges.
Size 7-8.
Color Black.
New piece is preferable.

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