Monday, October 15, 2012

You Only Live Once

by You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once
Little bit of this & that.

Selling all sorts of accessories with affordable price!

Snippets of our available items..
Price range RM6-RM16

And also, just recently we've added pre-order clothing's to our collection!! 
Closing date is 31st October so order yours now! =)
Shop clothings here!

Items that are coming soon!
Price range RM12-RM20

Other items that are coming soon! 
Vintage metal plates for decoration purposes!
Simply use glutac to stick it on your wall, paste many 
for the vintage collection effect as seen on top right! 
Price range RM15-20

Iphone cases!
Only 1 each so book yours now! :)

Hop on over to for other items that are available,
if you're eyeing on any item that is coming soon, due to limited quantity 
please don't hesitate to email us to book your order,
order will be secured once payment is made! Thanks =)
*Requests are available! Will try our best to search for your needs!*

Now in even cuter packaging! 
Buy above RM70 to receive your accessories 
being wrapped up in our cute mini metal containers!

*T&C applied 
*While stock lasts
*sizes differ depending on your item
*If item doesn't fit you'll still be given our mini metal containers upon request! :)

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