Wednesday, November 7, 2012

SHOP: Quick updates!

LEMON.HONEY.LEMON, 1 for RM6; 2 for RM10

NEW Colour Crush, RM45 | RM49

EyeCandie, RM49 - RM56

[pre-order] Pretty Little Things, RM39 - RM63

Nude Not, RM49 | RM55
10% OFF for you readers with the password
" Nude Not ♥ Shopping Roll"

A Spoonful of Clothes, RM45 - RM69
FREE POSTAGE for purchases of 2 items & above!

In and Out Closet, RM49 | RM55

Kaleidoscope Sunday, RM35 | RM60

emcee couture, RM79 | RM89

YMS, RM70 | RM89

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