Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Looking For:

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I'm looking for this particular denim backpack.
If anyone sell it or know where I can buy it, please let me know.
Price below rm60.
Email: isawtinkerbell@gmail.com

Looking for exactly this bag.
Preferable : Price below RM50, Any Colour, Condition must be good.
Email: lotaymi@gmail.com

Looking for:
1. Chiffon floral top. Size S. New/Used.
2. Floral pants. Size M. New/Used.
Email: herbs.herbaceous@gmail.com

Looking for a high waist black shorts which looks similar like the pic above
fits UK6/ brand new or preloved
Email: evatee@hotmail.com

Looking for Denim skater skort fits UK6 / brand new or preloved 
Email: evatee@hotmail.com

Looking for a black skater skirt. Not chiffon material if possible.
Length has to be 40cm+, waist 28-29 :)
Prefer pre-loved (SWAP if possible) or brand new. Below RM 30
Email: katrinaiman@gmail.com

I'm looking for this kind of dress. Any colour will do
but I prefer the colour like in the picture :)
Email: iry.kley@gmail.com

Looking for yellow dresses somewhat like the ones in the picture.
Doesn't need to be exact. Fits UK10
Brand new preferred with a budget below RM60 inclusive of postage.
Or if you have any other yellow dresses, do email me.
Would wanna get one by 2nd February. 
Also, looking for floral shorts. similar to the one in pic. Fits UK8-10.
Budgeting below RM30, but if you have any floral shorts similar to the picture
 (regardless of the colour) please contact me.
Email: tymay92@gmail.com

I'm looking for some printed legging like this. 
I don't mind about the design, it doesn't really matter 
but i want the material to be cotton.Size M or free size should be fine. 
Prefer brand new and price not more than RM 35.
Email: saramingan@hotmail.com

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