Monday, January 28, 2013

Looking For:

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iPhone 5 cases:
1. Floral print (doesn't matter with/without studs)
2. Damask patterns/textures
Please let me know if you're selling or know where to get 'em!
Infinity black bracelet . Brand new, price not more than 10.

Hello, I am looking for the items in the picture above. :)
1.Camouflage Army Jacket (less than RM50)
2. Denim Bustier ( less than RM35)
3. Aztec Clutch (less than RM40)
4. Diamond chain with the loop on both ends
5. E72 casing **most wanted** (less than RM20)

Looking for Batman hoodie with ear on the hood. Brand new.
Size S or M. Price not more than RM60.

I'm looking for this exact dress, below RM60

I'm looking for tis
Size s in white!! Only prefer tis colour.
Email :

Looking for this particular dress.
Don't mind waiting a long time.
Pre-order, ready stock or pre-loved is alright (preferable new)
Below RM 35

Looking For: Finding for a long sleeved white bodycon dress 
and a polka dot dress similar to the dresses above. Preloved or new. 

Looking for a skater skirt in sweet pink. Not chiffon material.
I prefer brand new, but pre-loved is acceptable too.
Preferably RM50 and below.
Looking for a pair of shoes similar to the one in the picture, 
in beige or nude color. S

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