Friday, January 18, 2013

SHOP: Quick updates!

NEW May 19, RM49 | RM59
Free postage for purchases of 2 items!

Dsparkles, RM18 | RM25

Dilitica, RM50 | RM60

NEW Malibu Beachwear, RM65

NEW French Berries, RM39

Sweet grocery, RM36

XISTERS, 1 for RM35; 2 for RM60

Trendy Bellaz, RM40 - RM42

Seventeen Origins, RM40 - RM50
Prices including postage!

Le Copine, RM52 | RM49

Blissfully Beautiful, RM55 | RM59

Mode d'amour, RM59

Hutz Fashion, RM48 | RM55

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