Monday, February 25, 2013

SHOP: Quick Updates!

NEW Mahuis, RM9 | RM16
D'Sparkles, RM12 | RM10

NEW Bisou Bisou, RM49

Cheesy, RM29

 [Instagram-based] NEW wicked wardrobe, RM30

[pre-order] Let's Tee, RM35

Vain Queen, RM38 | RM48

Skinny Heels, RM49 - RM52

NEW Voguish Chic Boutique, RM49 | RM79

In & Out Closet, RM59 | RM69

ROOM 8008, RM49 | RM59

NEW Poppin Daisies, RM45

[pre-order] Temptations, RM55 | RM52

[pre-order] Arrogant Minnie, RM89 | RM109

[pre-order] SomeWear Over The Rainbow, RM89

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