Monday, March 11, 2013

by d'sparkles

So what happens when you bought a dress and you wanted to look fashionable 
and make the dress your own? How do you make sure that you don't look like 
any other girls wearing the same or similar dress?

The answer lies on how you accessorize your entire outfit. How you choose 
your accessories will either enhance your entire look or destroy it. 
dsparkles celebrate each woman's uniqueness and thus bringing you accessories t
hat are affordable yet fashionable. They believe that it does not
require a lot of money to stand out in the crowd.

Price range from RM3.50 - RM28.
Their products' price starts from as low as RM3.50.
One outfit, multiple looks? Possible now with accessories! 
So hop on to or like them at for more items!

Offering you fashionable yet affordable accessories to spice up any outfit!
Get a RM5 discount coupon upon registering for your account. How?
Simply "Like" their Facebook page,
and sign up as a member at
A RM5 discount coupon will be sent to your email within 1-3 days!


"Accessories are important and becoming more and more important every day. 
They can completely change the look of an outfit, and women like the idea of
having a wardrobe that's versatile. For instance, a strong piece of
jewelry can make a simple outfit look elegant." - Giorgio Armani

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