Thursday, March 28, 2013

by A Spoonful of Clothes
                                          ASOC is an eboutique majoring in street fashion!
Come check them out for more! Some goodies they have in stores :-

Stunning Dresses

  Long Sleeve Blouses

Coming soon tops & bustier
                                                           Our Hot-Selling Maxi

                                                           Collections of shorts

Bodycons ON SALE! DO ENQUIRE for clearance pricing! 

ASOC is in the midst of migrating to a new design 
for a more user friendly shopping.
Hence, old items must go !! 
ALL items starting from NOAH-Tapestry Dress in the blog 
A Spoonful Of Clothes  will be on 10% off .

Do like their ASOC Facebook for updates, 
OOTD and live pre-order (coming soon) 
psst, instagram too @aspoonfulofclothes

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