Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Running out of ideas of where to stock up?
Too tired to make that trip overseas?
Received products that you can’t return because it’s too far?
These are common problems when running a business, 
along with a dozen other problems when it comes to sourcing products to sell.

Here's a new lifesaver in town! 
GoMurah.com is the official e-wholesale partner for GM Klang Wholesale City 
and let you buy things at wholesale quantities and prices, online!

Now you don't need to travel, and there's no waiting period for it
as products are all ready stock! Also, prices are negotiable 
and almost as low as sourcing from international centers! ;)
With over 100 wholesalers from GM Klang Wholesale City, on GoMurah.com,
there's a wide variety of products ranging from fashion, toys, shoes, 
beauty products, box packaging, home decorations, 
shop fixtures and many more for your business.

Besides, the website employs a unique quotation based system, 
therefore the cost of orders can vary depending on what and how many you buy. 
A spokesperson from GoMurah.com told us that they are now upgrading the system 
so that retailers can negotiate for pricing on a live system!

This website is exclusive to retail shop owners
To register you need a business registration and a valid shop 
(either a photo of your shop or link to your website, FB or fanpage)
And it’s closed off from the public so that end users will not be able 
to see the wholesale prices, i.e. your cost price! ;)

Currently they're having a FREE SHIPPING promotion
for purchases of above RM300 (WM) or RM500 (EM)

And, if you put "SHOPROLL" as your referral, 
you'll get FREE SHIPPING for your first order too 
even if you don’t order the minimum as stated above! 

Guess it's time to pay GoMurah.com a visit! ;)

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