Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Sheabelle - another one stop shop for affordable, trendy accessories as above!
With rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, belts, bags & more!

Here are what I'm getting from Sheabelle thanks to Christine! :D

And here are what I've got on hands!
Carefully packaged items with layers and layers of bubble wrap
so that accessories will not get any unwanted defects during delivery!
Guess nobody love their purchases to go straight to the bin
even before you get to wear it around! :)

Ear Cuff with Spike Chain Stud | RM15
 Here's my personal favourite that I actually
wear it on the same day I received the package itself! :D
Love the matte black outlook, and the fact that it looks fine
even you're in casual clothes or on dressy weekends!

Armour Cuff Version 2 | RM10;  Pencil Bangle | RM12
Here's one versatile cuff that you could pair it with 
just a simple black dress for an effortless chic look! :)
& Look at that adorable pencil bangle that looks too cute to be true!
Bet it work fine as arm cuff too!

Tribal Bunting Necklace | RM18
Lovely tribal print necklace for the casual days!
Something that you could pair it off with basics to do some quick fix! ;)

Studded Neon Headband | RM12
Another personal favourite here 
while we're still embracing the neon trend! ;)
Also available in Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Green too!

Ain't those some really chic yet affordable accessories for grabs?
Everything looks just as good in quality that worth every single cent!
Just perfect if you're on a budget hunt
that you won't need to burn a hole in your pocket
as everything above is below RM20 only! ;)  

Also, here's a good news for you girls!
15% discount for all Shopping Roll readers with the password
"Sheabelle x Shopping Roll"

Better not miss this golden opportunity on getting these lovely accessories!
Hop on over to Sheabelle today for more!

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