Friday, March 1, 2013

SHOP: Quick updates!


The Attires' Attic, RM25 | RM39

NEW Bash Bootiq, RM50 | RM85

NEW [pre-order] Mirket, RM40 | RM65

Covetz, RM62 | RM57

NEW I ♥ Little Wardrobe, RM45 - RM63

NEW  summer dazzle, RM47 - RM79 including postage

Tuesday Couture, RM55 including postage!

Key in the code "SHIPFREE" for free shipping, valid until 3 March 2013!

Sugar Dressing, RM69 | RM159

NEW [pre-order] mijakl, RM82 | RM175

Trendy Bellaz, RM42 | RM55
RM5 OFF for you readers with the password! ;)

Seventeen Origins, RM65 | RM55

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