Monday, April 15, 2013


Lush Serendipity has newly launched their dot-com website
with a brand new look to offer a better shopping experience!

With a wide variety of products available ranging from accessories,
handbags, clothes, shoes, and even their very own clothing line,
all at affordable prices!

Besides, they're offering FREE SHIPPING for all items!

Having both ready stock and pre-order goodies that you could shop from,
with everything below RM72 in store!
Here are part of their range of clothing they're offering, 
in all kinds of style to suit everyone's liking!

Also having a wide array of shoes in store!
With sandals, flats, loafers, wedges, heels, booties and a whole lot more!

Head on over to Lush Serendipity for more affordable shopping goodies,
that are all entitled for FREE SHIPPING! ;)
Stay tuned as they're still in the midst of updating more items daily! 

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