Monday, May 27, 2013

Looking For:

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Blue/Purple or Silver sunglasses as above. 
Preferably not more than RM40 including postage.

Looking for this Moschino belt in black. :)
Inspired piece is preferred.

1. Suede Bag in Black/Dark Green, Brand New, preferably below RM70 with postage
2. Grey Eared Sweater, preferably below RM45 with postage
3. Black Baroque Bag, preferably below RM70 with postage

Looking for dresses similar to these above that are princessy and sweet .
Preferably in white, cream, champagne, black and red wine.
Brand new or pre loved are welcomed. Need it urgently from prom!
If you know where to find them at a reasonable price or you have them , do contact me.

Looking for this piece (in the darker blue,I don't want the bright blue)

I'm looking for a maxi skirt with black and white vertical stripes like in the pictures. I prefer a skirt with a thigh high *front* slit, not side. But if the skirt has a back slit like in the picture, I'll consider it too. Will also consider no slit skirts if I like the design. Should fit M/28-inch waist and above. Brand new is preferred, but will consider preloved if worn less than twice.

Looking for:
1) leopard print loafers in this exact print, size 37.

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