Monday, June 24, 2013

by A Fashion Story

It's time to pamper yourself with A FASHION STORY accessories.

They provide 35% wholesale discount too! Click HERE for info.

Now they have ASOS & FOREVER 21 collections. 
All from RM10- Rm20 at
RM15 - RM19 (if buy at normal retail),
If get 35%wholesale plan, RM9 - RM13

Check HERE for chokers

Chanel earstuds at RM11.8 (if buy at retail)
RM7.7 (if buy at wholesale)

Check our SALE (RM 5 / RM8) items HERE

Check out their dropship plan HERE
Or if u own a blog or FB page, u can promote their page 
& earn commission via affiliate plan HERE

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