Monday, August 5, 2013

NEW Supermodel Wardrobe, RM49 - RM119
Updated their collection with an array of stylish dresses!
Flare dresses, Assymetrical dresses, Bodycon dresses, 
Tube dresses, Lace dresses, Velvet dresses & etc to suit all occasions!
Check em out for more one-of-a-kind goodies! ;)

More pretty stuff elsewhere!
Style in Kind, RM59 | RM69 

NEW Marivi Closet, RM55 - RM680

Sweet Grocery, RM28 - RM47

Clovettez, RM36 | RM40

Clothes For Fun, RM58 | RM50
Tuesday Couture, RM56 - RM62
Free Postage!
Ladies Fashion, RM30 - RM39

NEW Donut Apparel, RM55 | RM69

Loveheart e-house, RM45 - RM46

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