Friday, September 13, 2013

SHOP: Quick updates!

velvet strings, RM39 | RM44

Reve and Co, RM45 | RM39

O'bambi, RM49 | RM59

Hutz Fashion, RM42 | RM52

Mango+Orangie, RM36 | RM43

NEW Summerlace, RM29 | RM49

Kei Mag, RM62 | RM59

Summer Dazzle, RM59 - RM60
Prices including postage!

Kaleidoscope Sunday, RM46 | RM109
Free Registered Post!

Clothes for Chics, RM75 | RM85 (before discount)
Specially for this month,
10% off (excluding postage) every pre-order item!, RM19 | RM33

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