Wednesday, October 9, 2013

by Supermodel's Secrets

MilkyDress video demo:

SS Personal review on Milky Dress:
Personally I have tried Milkydress and i love it so much 
it works like a miracle! and bets of all it has no parabens. 
no mineral oil unlike oth rbrands in th elocal market which 
contains minerla oil etc which cloggs pore.s Milkydress is free from such 
harmful chemicals and is totally safe for sensitive skin. 
Apply on skin and wait for 10 secs and wash off and you ll have perfect 
white porcelain skin~ I use it before going on a date 
and also before special occasions to look 1-2 shades lighter.

SS Personal Review on lip tattoo:
tried out the Leopard design one and here are the results~ 
I guess this look is more suited for Halloween 
or themed occasions or photoshoots~

Reviewed By XiaXue - Asia's Top Blogger

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