Tuesday, November 19, 2013

SHOP: Last Minute Shopping for Urbanscapes!

Here's a random 40+ potential items
that you could get for your upcoming Urbanscapes outfit,
 in case you're still out of idea of what to wear! ;)
Just remember to wear something comfy and practical
and get well prepared for whatever the weather brings, rain or shine!

Have fun!

NEW KinkyBlueFairy, RM55 - RM139

byJap, RM20 - RM25

soChaotic, RM30 | RM59


Tanks for 5, RM25 - RM28

Let's Tee, RM35

6th Sense, RM20 - RM40
Free Postage!

Hutz Fashion, RM25 - RM42

Whitesoot, RM45 | RM49

O'bambi, RM29 - RM39

A Spoonful of Clothes, RM39 - RM62

FABSPY, RM59.90 - RM75.90

Style in Kind, RM65 | RM109

Summerlace, RM49

LUSH, RM39  http://www.lushonline.net/2013/11/stars-stripes-printed-knicker-shorts.html
Milktee, RM26 - RM79
Free Postage!

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