Wednesday, November 20, 2013

SHOP: Quick Updates!
NEW Feminine Street, RM32 | RM29
Hop on over for a wide array of affordable fashion clothing!

Juju Milky, RM8 - RM21
If you're on a hunt for accessories, go over for everything you need! :D

ROOM 8008, RM45 | RM59
Having some nice sweaters and trench coats in store,
along with a couple of hardly seen dresses!

Dots dots, RM39 | RM119
Having lots of lovely, feminine items in store! Free shipping too!

Anylove, RM49 | RM58
Newly updated yesterday night! ;)

Sweet Grocery, RM39 | RM45
It is a must to check out their latest collection if you haven't! ;)

Bluey Joyce, RM35 | RM39
Clearance sale is happening in store!

Un-Masqued, RM49 | RM60
Loving the maxi slit skirt they've brought in!
Arrogant Minnie, RM105 - RM189
In conjunction with Chrismas, get a free metal chain bracelet 
for every purchase over RM100!

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