Friday, December 6, 2013

SHOP: 5 Jumpers

Peep, RM35

Kei Mag, RM57

O'bambi, RM59

6th Sense, RM39


p/s: If you haven't noticed, Shopping Roll do have a special feature on 
Pop Culture Shopping Guide for these few months,
with the latest December issue based on the theme "Sweater Weather"! ;)

Go grab your free copy at almost every cafe in town, eg:
Artisan Roast, Chatime, Coffea Coffee, Espressolab, Grafa, McCafe, 
Podgy & The Banker, Starbucks, The Bee, The Coffee Bean, 
The Red Beanbag, Tous Les Jour, Whisk Outpost, Wondermilk & more!

Shopping Roll Special Feature on 
November 2013 issue of Pop Culture Shopping Guide

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