Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Living Gears is here to bring you the largest selection of distinctive gadgets
and exceptional home improvements all under one roof.

Offering only unique and exciting products each day
to improve our daily living with an affordable range of products!

One of the highly recommended item to grab from Living Gears
iRing is compatible with any Smart device in the market.
With a thickness of only 6.2mm, iRing's sleek design seamlessly compliments 
your phone's profile and slips effortlessly into your pocket 
without causing any unnecessary burden!

iRing is your portable, kickstand solution that helps in supporting your phone
comfortably in both landscape and portrait views, 
even when you're holding it your palm, or placing it on your desk.

They're also reusable after detaching from your device 
as the adhesive can be reapplied again and again!

Just when you thought it's only for your finger,
they're actually designed for your car too!

Check out this short clip below for more info!

These iRing Smartphone Grip are available for only RM39 per unit
with 10 patterns to be chosen from.
Get yours today only at Living Gears!

As they're constantly exploring for new products to expand their range,
visit Living Gears website frequently for their new arrivals,
or Like them on Facebook to get more of their latest trends, updates & offers!

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