Monday, January 6, 2014

Looking For:

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I'm looking for this exact same watch and colour by JULIUS.

Looking for inspired alexander wang rockie bag in black, price under rm70

Box bag & Assymetrical skort in Size S Black. Affordable will do ;)

Hello! :D I am looking for
1. 90's clear bubble backpack
2. Hologram skater skirt (high waisted)
3. Holy Cat t-shirt, originally from Ivory Jar but I'm looking for inspired ones
4. Killstar inspired t-shirts
Please do contact me if any of you has anything similar to the items as shown! :D

Looking for this lace skirt! Preferably in black but dark blue is okay too.
Preloved/brand new/pre order is fine! :)

I'm looking for any dress that has a sheer lace side like in the images, in black. 
If you have anything similar, feel free to email me pictures of your dress. 
If you have the exact TFNC dress pictured, I don't mind if it's preloved 
but in very good condition, no defects RM120 and below. UK10.

Looking for readystock black suede low creepers. Size 3.

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