Friday, March 14, 2014

CHATROOM #1: Online Shopper // Eva Tee

Eva Tee, Marketing & PR executive
Top: O'bambi; Bottom: Temptations; Bag: Le Seul

When did you start shopping online and what keeps you going?
I started shopping online since year 2009 when I came across a few of the shopping reviewer blogs - Shopping Roll, Diary Addictions, Your Shopping Kaki and A Shopaholic's Den. These were my daily dose of fashion inspiration where I got the new arrival updates of different blogshops. Browsing through different shopping reviewer blogs and blogshops are so addictive and it formed my online shopping habit!

I would say that online shopping is very convenient - I can buy at anytime of the day with only my smartphone. I do not need to brave the traffic jam and struggle to get a parking lot at the malls during weekends to shop! Also, most of the quality of the clothes and the presentation of the blogshops are improving over time. I have also influenced my sister and some friends to buy online and we always share the pleasure when receiving our parcels.

Have you had any nasty experiences so far? Do share! :D
Lucky me, around 95% of my buying experiences were positive! I followed a reviewer blog named "Night Owls Say" which has already closed down few years back, where buyers and sellers can write their online buying experiences and I learned a lot from there. Then again, once in a while I still receive faulty items but thank goodness the sellers I met were all very helpful and kind that they will either refund or exchange the items and bear all cost.

The worse scenario only happened during shipping process and surprisingly they are the giants in this industry - ASOS and Zalora. Out of 5 purchase experiences I had with ASOS, 3 of them had late parcel delivery and takes up to 2 months sometimes. As for Zalora, the shipping period stated 1-3 working days took up to 2 weeks. Since then, I've stopped buying from these sites already.

What's your current favourite blogshop & why do you like it?
I have a list of favourites blogshops for different kind of apparels. But if you are talking about my favourite that sells different range of things from clothes to clutches, accessories and shoes, Cajoyness will be the choice. Their price is affordable and the quality of the clothes are good! Most importantly, they have a wide range of choices that suits different style. The seller is very helpful and polite too. I have tried buying different clothing, shoes, clutches, hats, accessories and many more, and I'm still buying from them!

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