Thursday, February 13, 2014

SHOP: Quick Updates!

Cad Wardrobe, RM39 - RM89

Raqul Reed, RM28

Baju Borong, RM26 - RM35

cocktails, RM10 | RM25
Clearance sale is happening in store,
Free Postage for purchases of RM50 & above!

Belmode, RM55.90 - RM59.90
Few days left for their on-going sale!

Clothes For Fun, RM48 - RM65
Free Postage for a minimum purchase of RM150!

MUUZ, RM129 | RM139

Ladies Fashion, RM20 | RM78

I Can't Sew, RM59 - RM72
Free Postage!

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