Friday, March 7, 2014


These geek tees have been lurking around every corner!
So if you don't have one.. you're missing out the fun! 
Baju Borong has recently updated with a collection of Geek tees
with a shocking amount of 46 types to be chosen from! 
Here's a sporty version, extra loving the emerald green shade!
And all you need is a pair of denim shorts to hit the streets! ;)
Or if you're very much into military prints, 
here's one that you could definitely add into your collection!
Check out this gorgeous maxi dress they've brought in as well!
A fun, pretty forest print and comes along with a tie sash that fits many.
And here's one of their bargain item for only RM15!
Available in Light Pink, Orange, Pink, Black & White too.

Hop over to Baju Borong for more today!

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john said...

I read your post. I thing, its great for fashion lovers. All the design which your are given so good. I really like it.

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